After years of struggling with eating issues, weigh gain and always feeling ‘sick and tired’, I turned to a vegetarian diet. This blog documents my journey into discovering plant based eating, veganism and the raw food diet. It’s a mix of all things but overall I try to eat plant based and healthy.

I have also discovered over the last year that I am gluten-intolerant. It runs in my family so it was kind of inevitable for me, but I’ve only recently started cutting out gluten and finding other options. I hope to document my discoveries also!

I work a full time job and am also a part time student, so I can’t promise regular daily or sometimes even weekly posts. Hopefully some of you will find this page interesting!

Finally, I am not a photographer. I take pictures because this blog would be otherwise dead boring without them, but I use my phone and no additional lighting. Hopefully they don’t put you off the recipes!

All content on this site and adjoining pages is (unless otherwise credited) © Kathryn Piovesan. All rights reserved. The information on this site is true and complete to best of author’s knowledge, and is intended as an informative guide only. Allergen labelling within recipes offered as a guide only for classification, and not intended as medical or dietary advice.


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